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Beauty Gift Guide

Happy Tuesday loves!!

I hope you have all made it to your Thanksgiving destinations and are busy prepping yummy food or planning to eat yummy food!  I will be shopping and sharing all my black friday picks on my stories so be sure to stay updated there! Are you girls going to start shopping Thanksgiving night?  I am for sure, haha!! 

Anyways, I wanted to share my favorite beauty picks with you as I’m sure so many of them will be on sale this weekend!  Its so nice to get your shopping carts ready for easy checkout on Thursday and Friday!  I love anything and everything beauty and makup, I remember so many late nights sitting up watching hour after hour of makeup tutorials.  I had no idea how to do my make up and no idea how much I would love it!  I can spend hours in Sephora now trying on makeup and fun new styles.  So when the holidays come around its the best time to try out all the fun makeup you’ve been wanting to try because they have such great deals on all the best brands!

I wanted to share my favorites that are so good for all skin types, give you a youthful glow and are ultra hydrating!  As you age, I swear you need more and more moisture.  Well, at least I do!  I hope these will give you some great ideas for stocking stuffers, and ideas to share with your loved ones.

Skincare Loves

I tried this set here and the loved it!  Its great for brightening and exfoliating for a pretty glow!

My favorite way to hydrate after a long day!  I would swim in this if I could!

If you need a great daily exfoliant, which I highly recommend, THIS ONE is on another level good!  I used it in esthetician school and my skin never looked so good!

Makeup Must-have’s

I am so in love with this Ultra hydrating Foundation

For photo worthy flawless skin, this one is THE BEST!

My go to splurge-worthy primer here, and all time favorite primer here!

There are just so many great products out there, sometimes its hard to know what to use.  I have tried and tested these ones and would gladly recommend them to you girls!  I hope if you have any questions you will let me know!  Happy Holidays babes!

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