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Holiday Pajamas for Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I am so excited to be home in Utah celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.  Its been so fun setting up our house and cooking and prepping for today knowing we wont be going on any planes or driving for 2 days back to Utah.  Its relaxing and so fun, I cant say it enough, I love it here so much!

Its always been a tradition in our family to have matching Pj’s for Christmas Eve so I wanted to start my holiday sharing off with all my favorites!  I am seriously obsessed with stripes and these ones HERE from PjSalvage are heavenly.  They have so many fun styles to pick from with the cutest prints.  I am also a lover of Vickis Pj’s for the holiday.  They are festive and fun, and perfect for fun photos by the tree.  And although the boys either get flannels or joggers, they are still fun to get matchy matchy with the other boys.  I am going to try and find something cute for Kev and Van to match.

I hope this helps and starts your Black Friday off on the right foot!  I wont be going out to the stores, but will be shopping away on my computer!  I will keep updating and sharing my faves as they come so feel free to keep checking back for more fun gift ideas!

This little guy is my heaven and as cheesy and unrealistic as it sounds, I cant ever seem to get enough of him.  He is the light in my life and I cant wait to share this Christmas with him.  We are the same in that we could probably stay in our pj’s all day and not think twice about it.  I love that about him, he is so good to go with the flow.

I wanted to share some p’j picks for the little guy in your life too!  Here are a few of them…

I hope this gets your pajama ideas flowing and you get online and get some of these gorgeous sets while they are on sale!  Hope you have a fabulous day eating lots of yummy food and spending time with your family and friends… then… Happy full belly shopping to follow!