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3 Ways to style your Winter to Spring looks!

Hi Lovelies!

Living in Utah has been such a change of style for me, one day its beautiful and the sun is out and the next day its snowing a foot in my backyard.  I have gotten so use to Southern California weather where flip flops and a light jacket work most of the year, so stocking up on pretty sweaters has been number one on my list since moving here.  I am a big fan of sweaters with denim that transition into Spring and Summer.  I love an off the shoulder sweater with a pair of old levi shorts or a good pair of distressed denim.  So here are my 3 style tips for transitioning into Spring and Summer!

1.  Get a great pair of distressed denim jeans and shorts.  I love anything distressed and feel they are so much cuter than a boring pair of jeans.  I feel this way for most ages of women too. Here are my favorites.  You can wear sweaters with jean shorts too!  My favorite look!

2.  A pretty sweaters with shoulder or arm details.  Whether its off the shoulder or a ruffle, I love anything interesting and easy.  These are great to dress up or down, and finding ones that look cute under a blazer or jacket is even better!

3.  Find a cute oversized blazer, or jacket to complete the look.  I have been seeing so many cute lightweight jackets lately and am loving this trend!  Its perfect for the beach or when the snow finally melts, haha.

So there it is, my three favorite trends for Spring, and even though it is 100% winter here, I still haven’t accepted that I need a heavy jacket and beanie to stay warm.  I shot a workout outfit in the snow and couldn’t believe how many people messaged me to say how crazy I was.  I am loving every minute of the weather here, and when I go back to California for good I will be happy I spent so much time in it!

Have a fabulous Sunday!
Xo Jenn