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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Saturday Lovelies!

Since Fathers Day is already next week, I’m sure I’m not the only one who is scrambling to get everything together for the big day.  I always lay in bed at night thinking how great my life is with Kevin and how lucky we are to have him in our lives and I always think on Fathers Day this year Im really going to show Kev what he means to us.  Its one day when we get to really celebrate the men in our lives and I really want this year to be special for him.  I always ask him what he wants and if he has any good ideas for my blog, haha, and he always says car stuff or golf stuff, which I cant pick out either.  So… I try to think up something fun to surprise him with.  Here are a few great ideas I am loving.  Some splurge worthy and some great deals!  I hope this helps get the wheels turning or you love one of these for your guy!  Have fun shopping and Happy Father’s Day to all the men in your life!

Golf Style

My husband has an obsession with Golf so he is always up for fun gadgets and new golf clubs, new golf shoes and endless hours at the golf course, so I had to include some ideas for the golfers in your life.  I know if my dad was still here, he would love these ideas too!

Surf Style

I want all of these things for Kev, they are things I know he would love and are so cute!  He is such a laid back guy that these fit his style so well!

I love these for a comfy cozy night in with the AC blasting…haha  But really they are so great for all year long!

These are great for party nights with your friends.  I love cool glasses for having people over!

This one here and here are two of my favorites for Kev.  They smell so yummy!

This bag here is so cute!! I love this idea for the gym or traveling!  My father in law loves cool bags to carry around all his essentials with him, its really cute.  This one is cool for small items too!

I hope this helps you guys get that shopping done this week and I cant wait to see what you guys get for your guys!