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Slim Down Vacation Style

Hi lovelies!

I hope you all had a fabulous Mothers Day weekend and got to relax for a minute!  We spent the day at Sundance.  I love it up there so much, just this little piece of heaven about 20 minutes from my house up the canyon.  Its so stunning in the Winter, but Summer is another level.  They have the cutest little bar up there and some great restaurants.  We got veggie sandwiches and coffee and sat by the fire.  Its been super chilly here so it turned out to be a little sunny but chilly.  Perfect to bundle up by the fire.

Anyways, I wanted to share one of my favorite looks for swimwear from Tulum with you guys and I thought it would be fun to share some tips for getting super trim for your Vaca.  I always work harder to eat clean and workout, but once I booked this trip I was on lock down! haha  I was determined to look good in my bikini, and have a teeny tiny waist.  So here are my tips and tricks for a little extra boost before your Vacation.


Number 1.
Eat clean, and then stop eating!  haha… But really, if you know anything about Intermittent fasting, you basically only eat for 8 hours a day.  So your fasting for 16 hours.  I will start eating at 12 and end at 8, then start again the next day.  I do that through the week and bend on the weekends.  More about that HERE!  Its gives your body a chance to repair cells, reduces belly fat and body fat, lowers diabetes risks and so much more!  I linked a great article about it, so check it out for more info.

Number 2.
I have talked about this one before, but Coffee Enemas are pretty legit!  I have been doing them for a long time now and swear by them for detoxing, cleansing, and getting my waist nice and small.  I wont blab on about them, you can check out the reviews, but THIS ONE is the best starter kit!  Just get one and thank me later!  Believe me, you don’t need all that “junk” that builds up inside your body.  You will look and feel lighter in no time!

Number 3.
Get a waist trainer!  I posted on this already too and so many of you asked if it really works.  Here is a before and after picture from when I started using mine regularly.  THIS ONE HERE is the one I use and love.

I always go for off the shoulder in my swimwear for making my body look nice!  I just think its such a pretty flattering style, and it looks great for all shapes of women.  Large chest to small chest, and seems to make your waist look smaller too!



Here are a few of my favorites, I’m loving a one piece off the shoulder as well.  I wear a small in the top and bottom of most of my suits!  I hope this helps you guys and feel free to send me all your questions!  I know you will and I love them!  Hope you have a fabulous night!