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Yoga Outlet Malibu Retreat

Happy Weekend friends!

I hope you are all having a great day and looking forward to the weekend.  I am just getting back in the swings of things after Maui.  I wanted share my experience at the yoga retreat I was invited to in Malibu by the lovely people at  I was so surprised when I got invited since I am a beginner yogi, but I was so flattered and excited to go!  I love to look cute in class, and they have the best selection of all my favorite yoga brands.  Go check them out!

The retreat was so beautiful and Malibu was more than I pictured.  It was the perfect setting for yoga and relaxing.  They gave us bags full of clothes from ALO Yoga and Hardtail, just to name a few, and I was so excited to share everything on my insta stories. I hope you guys got to check that out!  Im working on sharing more videos on Youtube of my experiences and will be getting more into that after my move.  I just love how pretty everything was, I wanted to take pictures of everything!  They had the yummiest juices, coconut water, and healthy snacks in between classes and time for us to relax and recharge.

I got my butt kicked and had so many emotions that day!  It was so much harder than I thought it would be.  I was surrounded by amazing yogis that could do things I only wish I could do.  I honestly felt so amateur and wanted to put my head in the sand, but it was just the kick I needed in my life right now.  In one of the classes, the instructor talked about how important it is to have your “tribe” and for me that hit home so much.  I have been trying to figure out that part of my life for a while now and it hit me that I was suppose to be back home in Utah with my tribe there.  I came home from the retreat ready to finally move back home, and ready to kick my own butt in my yoga practice.  It was just the experience I needed.

I went to my usual yoga class the next day, but I pushed so hard, I want to improve and what I learned from this experience was how amazing and inspiring all the other yogis I went there with were.  I love that about yoga, you can push and improve or just stay where your at and enjoy it.  Overall I am so happy I went, it was such an incredibly humbling and inspiring experience and I met some really amazing people!

Thank you so much Yoga Outlet for the experience and letting me be a part of it!  I hope you guys all find something that pushes you and helps you find that peace your searching for.  I know that may sound lame to some people but yoga is my spiritual place and makes me happy.  I hope that next time I am invited to a yoga retreat, I can be the one to inspire others around me.